editor (plural editors)

  1. A person who edits or makes changes to documents, or who has edited a particular document.
    John Johnson wrote this term paper and the editor was Joan Johnson.
  2. A person at a newspaper or similar institution who edits stories and decides which ones to publish.
    John is the city editor at the Daily Times.
  3. (computer software) A program for creating and making changes to text files and documents.
    The TPU EVE editor is an excellent, extensible, programmable editor.

6 letters in word "editor": D E I O R T.

Anagrams of editor:

Words found within editor:

de dei di die diet dire dirt dit dite do doe doer doit dor dore dort dot dote doter droit ed edit er et id ide io ire ired it od ode oe oi or ord ore ort re red redo rei ret rid ride riot rit rite rod rode roe roed rot rote roted roti te ted ti tid tide tie tied tier tire tired tiro to tod toe toed tor tore tori tride trie tried trio trod trode

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